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Oakley sunglasses Frogskins and Flak Jacket

Out of the box Sun: Oakley sunglasses Frogskins and Flak Jacket 2

In my opinion, think to buy Sunglasses, is the first Ray-Ban, saw a lot of cheap fake oakley sunglasses in many places, where there is a general feeling point is not suitable for me, but that does not come out, the delay did not start.

There is a time to watch TV, "the twelve Feng taste in a period of" invited Lin Dan, sports glasses he wore attracted me, simple fashion, later learned that he was the spokesman for Oakley, began to pay attention to the brand.Taking into account the upcoming trip to the island, sunglasses essential, just to catch up with the Tmall Oakley official flagship store activities, so they bought the following two glasses.

Arrival, it is obvious that these two glasses packaging is different, perhaps the type,fake oakley sunglasses purpose and grade is not the same reason.

Let's talk about Frogskins sunglasses.Native Eyewear is one of the most famous Sunglasses manufacturers in the United States. Many sunglasses are used by American big stars, such as Jim, Belushi and Michael Bolton. Cushionol nose pad ensures the comfort of the nose when wearing. Adjustable nose tray Cheapest Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses design can be adjusted to comfortable wearing position at will. The lens has a riot proof design to prevent the lens from damaging the glasses at high speed. The lenses are treated with vents to help lift air flow and remove water mist better. The legs are locked, designed to be comfortable and not easy to move.

The package reads: Oakely design and process, US packaging. In fact, Oakley glasses are basically packaged in the United States at present, and the two glasses I bought are all like this.

Open the package and include these items: glasses, instructions, website registration cheap fake oakleys instructions, warranty cards, tag, glasses bags. No glasses case Glasses bag to do relatively fine, feel good, labels and clear Oakley embroidered float, it is said that this is also a method of judging whether it is genuine.

As the tortoiseshell glasses frame, lenses for gold, a very prominent Oakley trademark leg.

The label on the box, Hei hei, or polarizer, happy.Made in China, which is not exclusive to manufacturing in China, ha ha, as long as the quality is good.

Open the box, the whole family, a glasses bag + instructions. Good shabby. Fortunately, he was mentally prepared in advance, knowing that wood had glasses boxes.The official website introduces the extreme retro FROGSKINS LX Sunglasses not only to maximize the facial features of the Asians in the spectacle design, but also to make adjustments in the frame radians, the nose height, the mirror frame width, and the mirror leg arc to achieve the unparalleled face and head fitting effect and greatly improve the comfort and beauty of the wear. It seems too exaggerated

Oakley retro Logo design on both sides of the frame. According to the face design of Asians, manual plate material.