Saint Phanourios the Great Martyr

Saint Fanourios is without doubt an important and holy youthful figure, who stands out in a particular way among the other Saints of Christianity.

Hieromartyr Irenaeus, Bishop of Lugdunum (Lyons)

Our holy and God-bearing father Irenaeus, who, by divine providence received the name of peace [ειρήνη (eirene) in Greek] and became a messenger of the Holy Spirit, was born in Asia Minor in about 140.

Saint Panteleimon, the Great Martyr and Healer

St. Panteleimon, the Great Doctor and Martyr, was born at the end of the 3rd century AD. His father, Eustrogios, was not only very rich but was well known for his zeal in idol worship; whereas his mother St. Euboule was a faithful Orthodox Christian full of Holy Spirit, love and kindness. Her only interest was to guide her only begotten son in the true faith and virtuous life.

The Great Martyr Paraskevi (July 26)

Paraskevi was born in Rome of Christian parents and from her youth was instructed in the Faith of Christ. With great fervence, St. Paraskevi endeavored to fulfill all the commandments of God in her life. Believing strongly and living according to her faith, Paraskevi directed others on the path [of salvation] with the help of the True Faith and pious living.

Saint Olga: from Βarbarism to Ηoliness – 11th of July

Many saints, before the final decision to embrace the Christian faith, had shown toughness, misanthropy and sin. So find application the Biblical words: “where sin increased, grace increased all the more” (Rom. 5,20). Where the size of sin seemed scary, the grace of God appeared much greater than previously.

On the Veneration of the Saints

CHRIST HAS CONQUERED THE WORLD. This victory is further unveiled and fulfilled in the fact that He built His Church. In Christ and through Christ the unity of mankind was brought about truly for the first time, for those who believed in His Name become the Body of Christ. And through uniting with Christ they unite likewise with each other in a most sincere concord of love. In this great unity all empirical distinctions and barriers are done away with: differences of birth in the flesh are effaced within the unity of a spiritual birth.

A Bishop Stands up to the Most Powerful Man on the Planet

On 7 December, we celebrate the memory of Saint Ambrose, Bishop of Mediolanum, today’s Milan, Born in the 4th century, he was an important man and a great legal expert who became governor of Milan and the surrounding region. He was a just, prudent person and a catechumen, i. e. he was preparing for baptism. The Bishop of Milan died and then the Orthodox quarrelled with the Arians over the succession.

The Holy Prophet Habakkuk

Habakkuk was the son of Asaphat from the tribe of Simeon. He prophesied six hundred years before Christ, during the time of King Manasseh, and foretold the destruction of Jerusalem. When Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, attacked Jerusalem, Habakkuk sought refuge in the land of the Ishmaelites. From there he returned to Judea, where he lived as a farmer. One day he was carrying lunch to the workers in the fields, when suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared to him and said: Go carry the dinner that thou hast into Babylon unto Daniel, who is in the lion’s den (Daniel 14:34).

Saint Philaret the Merciful as a Model for our Lives

Saint Philaret was married and a father of three children. He was a farmer by profession, a good father and a man who loved God very much and had a rich spiritual life. Because he was a lover of God, he was also a lover of mankind and very merciful. He had a big heart full of true love and, like Patriarch Abraham, he was a hospitable lover of strangers and always willing to serve his “neighbor”. Besides, it could not be otherwise, for whoever loves Christ very much cannot but truly love those who are “the least” of His brethren.