Saint Nikodemos of Mount Athos

Saint Nikodemos the Haghiorite is an offspring of the island of Naxos in the Cyclades Islands. While young, he studied Greek letters in Smyrne under Ierotheos the Teacher.

Who is a Saint?

Saints are not just good people, but those who are united with the unincarnate and incarnate Word, with Christ.

The Forty Martys of Sevaste (Sebastia)

It was one of the strangest episodes in all of military and Christian history–an army killing its own best soldiers. The time: A.D. 320. The place: Sevaste, in present-day Turkey. The issue: Would Christian soldiers obey and bow to pagan gods?

Saint Polycarp, Bishop of Smyrna

St Polycarp was one of the most illustrious of the apostolic fathers, who, being the immediate disciples of the apostles, received instructions from their mouths, and inherited of them the spirit of Christ in a degree so much the more eminent as they lived nearer the fountain head.

Saint Anthony the Great (January 17)

Concerning Antony of Egypt we have more knowledge than of any other saint of this early period, thanks to the biography written by his friend, St. Athanasius. Antony was born in 251 at Coma, a village near Great Heracleopolis in Middle Egypt.

December 4: The Great Martyr Barbara

Saint Barbara was killed by the hand of her own father. He cut off her head because he was a pagan and she could not allow herself to follow those errors.