The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

In September 2012, a fragment of a fourth century Coptic manuscript was ‘discovered’. It was unveiled by a Harvard professor, Karen King, who claimed that this is the only early “Christian” manuscript that refers explicitly to Christ’s wife, and identifies this wife as Mary Magdalene. It quickly led to hysteria and ludicrous speculations such as we have not experienced since the discovery of the Gospel of Judas. The claims of Karen King immediately roused my suspicions.

A Hidden Saint-Archbishop of Athens Damaskenos

Damaskinos, Archbishop of Athens and all Greece, served as the Primate of the Autocephalous Church of Greece during the Second World War. Born in the village of Dorvitsa in Greece in 1890, the nephew of the Abbot of the Holy Monastery of Koroni, he served in the Greek Army during the Balkan wars, and was ordained to the holy Priesthood in 1917. He was later elected by the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece as Archbishop of Athens in 1941.

Saint Amphilochios of Iconium as a Model for our Lives

Saint Amphilochios lived in the fourth century. He was from Cappadocia and a friend of Basil the Great, which is evidenced by the letters of Basil the Great to him on the occasion of various events. Among the most important letters of Basil the Great to Saint Amphilochios is that which he sent on the occasion of the consecration of the latter as Bishop of Iconium. When one reads the letters of Basil the Great to Saint Amphilochios the greatness of the personality of Saint Amphilochios can be perceived, his struggle to combat heresy and preserve the Orthodox Faith, his respect and love for Basil the Great, as well as the great love Basil the Great had for him.

Money Can’t Buy Everything

Like everybody else, people who are religious, who are in touch with the sacramental life of the Church, want continuous improvements in their lives. So they devote themselves to bettering their standard of living and to acquiring material goods for themselves and their nearest and dearest. Most of them, though, don’t want to forget God, and continue to observe the Gospel commandments. But a danger lurks here: people might start thinking that the wealth they have accumulated is a sign of God’s favour towards them. That’s what they thought in the time of the Old Testament.