Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew: We Are Not Betraying Orthodoxy-We Are Not Ecumenists

A powerful message was sent to multiple recipients within all the Churches today by Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew regarding the issue of ecumenical dialogue. Addressing Patriarch Neophyte of Bulgaria, who is making a peaceful visit to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Bartholomew said among other things that he is neither betraying Orthodoxy nor is he supportive of ecumenistic concepts, as they say.

The Holy Apostle Kodratos as a Model for our Lives

The various lives of the saints describe the Apostle Kodratos as a great apologist of Christianity, zealous, wise and an orator with excellent intellectual capacity. As Bishop of Athens – a city in which flourished different philosophical schools which is why it required a Bishop with superior qualifications – he rebuked the godless paganism of the philosophers and led many well-intentioned to the truth. These pagans, because they were unable to face him, slandered him and thus removed him from his flock, though they were unable to bend his fighting spirit.

Saint John Chrysostom: Second Instruction to Catechumens

I have come to ask first of all for some fruit in return for the words lately said out of brotherly love to you. For we do not speak in order that you should hear simply, but in order that you should remember what has been said, and may afford us evidence of this, by your works. Yea, rather, not us, but, God, who knows the secrets of the heart. On this account indeed instruction is so called, in order that even when we are absent, our discourse may instruct your hearts. And be not surprised if, after an interval of ten days only, we have come asking for fruit from the seed sown. For in one day it is possible at once to let the seed fall, and to accomplish the harvest.