The Resurrection of Christ and the Mortification of Death

The Resurrection of Christ is the greatest event in the course of History. It is the event that differentiates Christianity from any other religion. The other religions have leaders who are mortal, whereas the head of the Church is the Risen Christ. “Resurrection of Christ” means deification (theosis), and resurrection of the human nature, and hope of deification and resurrection of our own person. Since the medicine was found, there is hope of life.

Why Is Sunday So Important For Christians?

Christ resurrected during the early hours of Sunday. We do not know the actual time of His Resurrection, since no one saw Him at that moment, but it was certified when the Myrrhbearing women went to the tomb to anoint the body of Christ with perfumes. Thus, Sunday is the first day of the week, the day of the Resurrection of Christ. If Christ conquered the dominion of death on a Saturday, on a Sunday He certified to all His Resurrection, that He is the conqueror of death and the devil.

The Risk Demanded by Jesus

We saw last Sunday who the Twelve Apostles were, and this Sunday the Gospel reading (Matth. 4, 18-23) describes exactly how Jesus addressed His call to His first disciples and how they responded. So we see two pairs of brothers, Andrew and Peter, on the one hand, and James and John, on the other, fishermen all, accepting the Lord’s invitation without further ado. They heard His call and at once left their nets and followed Him.