A Saint who was not ashamed to be called “Manure”!

Abba Kopris was born on a dunghill outside of the monastery of Saint Theodosius Coenobiarchos near Bethlehem while his mother was trying to escape from a raid of pirates. Saint Theodosius raised the baby who finally became a monk and practiced the ascetic life. Kopris’ name must have been another but the Saint adopted the […]

The Holy Protomartyr Thecla, Equal to the Apostles

  Thecla was born in Iconium of eminent but pagan parents. As a girl of eighteen, she was betrothed to a young man at the same time that the Apostle Paul arrived in Iconium with Barnabas to preach the Gospel. Hearing Paul’s testimony for three days and nights, Thecla converted to the Christian Faith, and […]

Truly Theotokos

  The theological term “Theotokos” is one of the most fundamental of Christian piety. Writes St.John of Damascus: “We hold that God was born of her. We do not imply that the divinity of the Word received from her the beginning of its being; but we do imply that God the Word Himself, Who was […]