Abba Pambo

An Egyptian ascetic on the Nitrian mountain, Abba Pambo was a contemporary of St. Anthony the Great and himself great in monastic asceticism.  Born about A.D. 303, he was one of the first to join Amoun in Nitria.  He was illiterate until he was taught the Scriptures as a monk and ordained priest in 340. […]

Avoiding Attachment to Material Things

One of the fathers related of Abba John the Persian that his great charity had brought him to a profound innocence. He dwelt in Arabia of Egypt. One day he borrowed some money from a brother and bought some flax for his work. Then a brother came and asked him, “Abba, give me a little […]

Dealing with Spiritual Depression and Anxiety

The weather shifts from cloudy to clear and then back to rain; thus it is with human nature. One must always expect clouds to hide the sun sometimes. Even the saints have had their dark hours, days and weeks. They say then that “God has left them” in order that they may know truly how […]