Desert Fathers: How Do We Pray?

The brothers said, “What kind of prayer is that which is not acceptable before God?” The old man said, “The prayer for the destruction of enemies. When we ask that evil things may come upon those who do harm to us, and for bodily health, and abundance of possessions, and fertility in respect of children, […]

Abba Sisoes and Repentance

This selection is from the life of St. Sisoes who lived in Scetis. After the death of St. Anthony, Abba Sisoes left Scetis saying that it had become too popular and went instead to St. Anthony’s mountain where he settled for 72 years. When Abba Sisoes was about to die, and the fathers were sitting […]

St.Mark the Ascetic: To Those Who Think to Be Justified by Deeds

Today we will study some of the many writings of St. Mark the Ascetic, one of the most famous Egyptian Desert Fathers.  Little is known of the circumstances of his life, but we do know that Palladius knew him personally, that he lived to be over a hundred years old, and that he died at […]

A Letter from the Suffering Church in Gaul-c.175 A.D.

Eusebius, in Book 5 of his Ecclesiastical History, records a letter sent from the Christians in Gaul to their brothers in Asia. As Eusebius writes, this record is “worthy of perpetual memory.” Amid persecution they discovered depths of faith, received great grace, and fought the good fight to the end. May we never see such […]

Four Historical Stages of the Indigenization of Chinese Christian Art

China’s Christian Art have experienced four stages in the process of its contextualization and indigenization: The Stage of Nestorian (The Period of The Tang and Yuan Dynasties); The Stage of Catholic Jesuits (The Period of The Ming and Qing Dynasties); The Stage of Semi-Colonialism (The Period of the late 19th century and early 20th century); […]