The Gospel, Acts of the Apostles and the Synaxarion

  Saint Justin Popovich once said: Living by Christ, the saints can do the works of Christ, for by Him they become not only powerful but all-powerful: “I can do all things in Christ Jesus who strengthens me” (Phillip. 4: 13). And in them is clearly realized the truth of the All-True One, that those […]

Earliest Icons of Apostles Discovered

Here are a few photos of the earliest surviving Icons of the Apostles Peter and Paul. They’re from St. Thecla’s catacomb in Rome, and date from the latter half of the fourth century. Although older depictions of the Apostles survive, they are usually part of a narrative scene; these are the oldest surviving Icons of […]

The Assembly of the Holy Glorious and Praise Worthy Apostles

Even though each one of the Twelve Great Apostles has their own special day of celebration throughout the year, nevertheless the Church has set aside this day (June 30) as a festal assembly of all the apostles together and with them, Paul. These are the names and the separate days of the celebrations of the […]

Apostle Paul and the Missionary Task

As a missionary, the Apostle Paul was second only to our Lord. The great apostle is the archetypal missionary and the supreme exemplar to every man and woman aspiring to undertake the most precious labor available to human activity: the proclamation of the Gospel. As a missionary and missionary statesman, Paul was a divine appointee. […]

The Synaxis of the Holy Apostles. Feast Day-June 30

Apostles of Christ Under this title it may be sufficient to supply brief and essential information. The reader will find at the end of this article various titles of other articles which contain supplementary information on subjects connected with the Apostles. The Name The word “Apostle,” from the Greek apostello “to send forth,” “to dispatch,” […]

Saint Gregory Palamas’ Homily for the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Homily 28 1. The commemoration of each of the saints on the appointed feast day is an occasion for town and country, citizens and their rulers to share in rejoicing, and brings great benefit to all who celebrate. “The memory of the just is praised”, says the wise Solomon (Prov. 10:7 Lxx), “When the righteous […]

Saint Augustine’s Sermon on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Today the Holy Church piously remembers the sufferings of the Holy Glorious and All-Praised Apostles Peter and Paul. St. Peter, the fervent follower of Jesus Christ, for the profound confession of His Divinity: “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the Living God,” was deemed worthy by the Savior to hear in answer, “Blessed art […]

Saint Leo the Great on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Sermon 82 I. Rome owes its high position to these Apostles The whole world, dearly-beloved, does indeed take part in all holy anniversaries, and loyalty to the one Faith demands that whatever is recorded as done for all men’s salvation should be everywhere celebrated with common rejoicings. But, besides that reverence which today’s festival has […]

The Holy Foremost Apostles Peter and Paul

Peter was the son of Jonah and the brother of Andrew, the First-Called. He was of the Tribe of Simeon from the town of Bethsaida. He was a fisherman and, at first, was called Simon but the Lord was pleased to call him Cephas or Peter: “And he brought him to Jesus. And when Jesus […]

The Primacy of Rome and the Apostle Paul

It is well known that even during the lifetime of the Holy Apostle Paul, certain persons attempted to cast doubt on the existence, equality, and fullness of his Apostolic dignity. The existence, fullness, and equality of his Apostolic authority is demonstrated and defended by St. Paul par excellence in II Corinthians 10-12 and Galatians 1:11-2:21.[1] […]