The Joint Statement 2015 for the Annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

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The Joint Statement 2015, which was issued by the Hong Kong Christian Council for the annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (January 16-25, 2015).

The statement was prepared by Metropolitan Nektarios of Hong Kong and South East Asia.

Joint Statement 2015

Jesus said to her “Give me to drink”. (John 4:7)

21 HE QI THE SAMARITAN WOMANDuring his earthly life and public ministry Jesus did not turn his face away from others. He did not try to avoid sinners, outcasts, and all those who could have supposedly destroyed his peace and good spirits. He was so truly human that he could in all simplicity sit down on the ground beside a well, and ask a woman—one stigmatized by the local community—to give him water to quench his thirst.

Jesus teaches us that whoever seeks the traces of God in this world will find them in the person of one’s fellow human—and above all in those who are ill, hungry, imprisoned, in refugees, the persecuted, and foreigners. If one is unable to hear the voice of despair of those who weep and suffer, neither can one hear and understand the Word of God.

Jesus communicates with and offers his love to every person, no matter how sinful or despised they are. Modern humanity, with their spiritually and morally bankrupt life, often experience a painful impasse, loneliness and marginalisation, rejection and abandonment, and they have intense existential questions. Sometimes they believe that redemption will come from a Supreme Being, who will descend from heaven in a spectacular way and will intervene in our lives. But the God we are seeking has already appeared in the person of Christ. He entered into history, into our everyday lives, and He has been revealed to us. He is revealed not as a God who manufactures illnesses, accidents, problems, suffering and pain, but as a God who loves, forgives, protects and heals.

As Disciples of Christ in the modern world we want to follow his unique example. We do not turn our eyes away from the faces of our fellow humans. We journey together with those who suffer, are persecuted and dealt injustice. We support those who struggle to make our society better. We help those who respect and protect the natural environment. We bless those who persecute us. We oppose anyone who wants a society based on violence and discrimination. Given the situation being experienced in the local context in light of the teaching and example of Christ Jesus let us pray for the courage to oppose unnecessary excessive violence exerted by whatever parties related to the umbrella movement. We urge dialogues and reconciliation be sought for a better total well being of the Hong Kong society. We believe that will be a true blessing for every citizen coming from all walks of life.

Christ is present here and now in our own lives. He asks us in all simplicity: ‘give me to drink’.

He seeks the meeting with us. This is a meeting of persons who are unique, unrepeatable and eternal. His gift to us is inestimable. He gives us ‘living water’. He embraces our weak nature, our pain and our suffering and he consoles us with His Love. It is this Love that has the power to free and to give hope and life in this world.

Diocesan Ecumenical Commission of the Hong Kong Catholic Church
Orthodox Metropolitanate of Hong Kong and South East Asia
Church Unity and Relations Committee Hong Kong Christian Council