Megalynaria: the 9th Ode of the Canon for the feast of the Presentation of the Lord

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Ode ix. Mode 3



Past the understanding of

all the angels, mortals, too,

Virgin Mother, Lady pure,

is that which occurred in you.


In his arms the Elder one,

Symeon, embraces You,

the Creator of the Law

and the Governor of All.


Wishing Adam to be saved,

He who fashioned us abode

in the womb immaculate

of the Virgin Lady pure.


Every generation of

mortal nature blesses you,

and, as Mother of our God,

gives you glory, Lady pure.


Come and see the Christ who is

Lord and Master of all things,

who today by Symeon

to the Temple now is borne.


You look down upon the earth

and thereby You make it quake;

how then does a worn old man

holds You now within his arms?


Symeon lived many years,

till the Christ he was to see,

then to Him he called aloud,

“My departure now I seek”.


You indeed, O Mariam,

have become the mystic tongs,

which enclosed the burning coal,

Christ conceived within your womb.


You, the pre-eternal God,

willed that You would take on flesh;

and so after forty days,

to the Temple You are brought.


Having come from heaven above

is the Master of all things;

He is welcomed to His home

by the priest called Symeon.