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His Eminence Metropolitan Nektarios of Hong Kong and South East Asia

(20 January 2008)





 V.Reverend Archimandrite Jonas Mourtos




V.Reverend Archimandrite Philemon Castro

Reverend Presbyter Joseph Boreros

Reverend Presbyter James Doronela

Reverend Presbyter Chrysostom Sarmiento

Reverend Presbyter George Daligdig

Reverend Presbyter Gregory Latoja


Retired Priest


Reverend Presbyter Vincentius Escharcha





Cleopas Daclan (November 2011)

(Laicization, also defrocking, is an action within the Orthodox Church whereby the rights are removed of members of the clergy to exercise the functions of their offices. In the process of laicization, or defrocking, the status of ordination is completely removed. All sacred actions, beginning from the time of laicization, of a former cleric are normally considered invalid.)